Yoga During Pregnancy: How Can It Help You?

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With the uprise of yoga becoming more of a mainstream exercise for both our bodies and minds… There’s no reason to suggest pregnant women can’t also join the fun! It’s time for us to set aside our egos, and focus on where our body is today. Practicing yoga has many profound benefits to help ease your way through pregnancy. So, how exactly can yoga during pregnancy help? Let’s have a look through these pointers…


I don’t know about you, but I struggle with anxiety. And stress on occasion. Where I find my stress manageable, anxiety can definitely get a grip on me. Since doing yoga (even before my pregnancy!), I found it to have many healing qualities. It has not only calmed my mind, but it has helped improve my sleep too!

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Since doing yoga during pregnancy, I found I was able to spend more time nurturing both myself and my little one. Taking the time to relax and unwind through the practice of yoga, has helped me no end.

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Yoga during pregnancy has a brilliant way of teaching us mindfulness through breathing. Through deep breathing, our nervous system goes into full relaxation mode… (otherwise known as the parasympathetic mode!). This helps aid digestion and helps our immune system to function at its most optimal. Working on our breathing practice can also help us to prepare for labour. Many women find yoga to be a form of meditation, and guess what? A calm mother = a calm baby! Makes perfect sense right? Oh, and by the way! Falling asleep while practicing your breathing is absolutely normal too! 🙂

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With pregnancy, we can often face many painful symptoms. From headaches, and nausea, to lower back pain and potential carpal tunnel syndrome… Doing yoga during pregnancy to help combat these symptoms can be really effective.

Another issue we can face is bad blood circulation. Our joints will get achy, and things can start to swell up. If we use yoga to stretch out our limbs, we reduce these issues and create a healthier growing environment for our baby.

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As mentioned, yoga during pregnancy can increase strength in our bodies. As our baby grows, we need more energy and endurance to support the extra weight. Many yoga asanas (poses) get used to strengthen our back, shoulders, arms and hips.

Additionally, our balance gets physically challenged as the baby grows… AND emotionally drained as the strain gets heavier on our bodies. If we focus more on our breathing through each asana, we are able to hone in on our balance. Both physically, and emotionally.

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Though there are practices you should avoid completely when pregnant, it’s known that yoga during pregnancy can actually reduce the risk of preterm labour. Yes, there is a continuous debate around this topic as to which is beneficial and which is not… However, if you speak with your instructor before any practice, you will gain the clarity you need. My advice: go to specific prenatal yoga classes, as opposed to a generic class that won’t be fit for a pregnant mamma.

As yoga teaches us how to use breath effectively to calm us, this is a fool-proof way to prep for your labour. Conscious breathing through each pose can be a challenge, yet, the bottom line of yoga is this: let go of the ego. Be okay with doing as much as you can, and learn to be comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable. Yoga is not a race to finish the line, it is the journey that takes you there. Inhale and acknowledge your tensions, exhale and make peace with yourself.

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Last but certainly not least… Yoga during pregnancy helps us build a connection with our unborn child. By allowing ourselves to be more conscious of our bodies, we become increasingly aware of what is happening inside of us. Learning to focus the attention within, helps us to understand the areas that require deeper attention… And, how our baby is doing!


With any exercise article, it is necessary to highlight some important pointers:

  • When practicing yoga during pregnancy, it is strongly advised to keep your flow to the most of 30 minutes. There is no need to push yourself, as this is not a safe or healthy way to look after yourself, or your baby. Yoga should relax you, so use it to the best of that ability.
  • Do your research on the different forms of yoga, and please bear in mind that not all yoga is safe during pregnancy.
  • Hot yoga such as Bikram is not safe for mother’s who are expecting. Exposure to a hot environment for a prolonged period of time whilst exercising can cause Hyperthermia in pregnant women.
  • When it comes to individual asanas, try to avoid lying flat on your back, along with any headstands/handstands… These poses require too much abdominal stretching for an expectant mother.

I hope this article has helped you understand how doing yoga during pregnancy can help you. If you have anything to add, please let me know and I’ll add it in!

Happy practicing ladies!

Faby x

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