Morning Sickness Remedies: The 10 Superfoods That Will Help You

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If you’ve ever been (or currently are) pregnant, you’ll be familiar with the inevitable, and unavoidable bout of morning sickness. For the few lucky ones who may experience little to none, perhaps this article is not for you… Just kidding, we could all do with a helping hand when it comes to learning the right food to help us through our pregnancy… And most importantly, finding the right morning sickness remedies for us, right?

You’ll experience morning sickness mostly during your first trimester. This little list of morning sickness remedies will help you through, I promise! You will be able to keep your little bump growing and happy, while you handle your morning sickness! Let’s have a look:

Bowl of cereal flat lay morning sickness remedies

1. Complex Carbs: Cereal/Crackers/Popcorn

As many of us will know, complex carbohydrates are used to combat nausea (especially pregnancy). Carbs are one of the best morning sickness remedies because they help settle our tummies quickly. Fortified cereals are one of the best as they contain many vitamins that work towards us feeling better. It’s advised to begin with dry cereal before adding milk (or a non-dairy alternative), to test what works best for you.

glass of milk and soy beans flat lay morning sickness remedies

2. Calcium: Greek Yoghurt/Dairy Milk/Non-Dairy Milk

In my opinion, one of the best morning sickness remedies out there is Yoghurt (ideally Greek). Not only is it a vitamin-packed probiotic (good bacteria), it will also fill both you and your baby with loads of nutrients… including Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin B. Secondly, it’s easy to prepare, and you can add in almost anything on this list to help you tantalise your taste buds a little.

If you are not a fan of yoghurt, then you can opt for full-fat milk, as this has similar vitamin qualities. Though both mentioned fall in the dairy category, there are many non-dairy alternatives. Almond, Soy and (my personal favourite) Oat milk can also contribute to your calcium intake. Whatever you choose, Calcium is important for building your little one’s bones to be healthy and strong! 🙂

bowl of nuts on red backdrop morning sickness remedies

3. Nuts: Almonds/Walnuts/Peanuts/Butter Equivalent

Okay, so I am a HUGE fan of almonds. Pregnant or not, I now eat them almost daily. Not only are they an awesome snack, they fill me up with those between meals hunger pangs, and all nuts are amazing morning sickness remedies! It all started with my first trimester, when I needed something to keep my hunger at bay (and of course, my morning sickness!). These superfoods were honestly a life saver.

As nuts are healthy proteins rich in fibre, copper, Vitamin E and healthy fats, they are ideal nutrients for you and baby. But hey, if you don’t like to texture of nuts, you can always opt for a nut butter (almond butter is amazing!) to eat with some yummy whole grain bread.

bowl of grains and a hand morning sickness remedies

4. Grains: Lentils/Quinoa/Whole Grain Bread

Grains are brilliant morning sickness remedies, too. Though you may not fancy a bowl of lentils first thing in the morning, you can opt for some whole grain bread instead. Either way, getting those grains in your body will help keep your tummy stay calm, and pack you full of well-needed nutrients, especially iron.

However, if your body can’t have gluten, opting for quinoa is a great alternative. It is totally gluten-free, and another full of fibre grain! All of the above are great for digestion, so get grazing on some gorgeous grains!green vegetables in a market setting morning sickness remedies

5. Veggies: Kale/Spinach/Cucumber

Remember the days when your mother would tell you to eat your greens? Yes, we all do. And for good reason too. Veggies are important morning sickness remedies as they’re packed with antioxidants (to help your tummy)… And a very important nutrient (that basically none of us has heard of) known as Lutein. It helps in the development of the fetal eye and works with Zeathanthin to protect the retina from light damage.

Spinach and Kale contain the most Lutein. They are also fantastic sources of Vitamin C, Fibre and many other nutrients to keep your tummy cool as a cucumber through the rocky times.

bananas and honey on a flat lay morning sickness remedies

6. Potassium: Bananas

For centuries, bananas are renown as nausea combatting fruit. Also known as popular morning sickness remedies, they help reduce ankle swelling, too. The banana is a very diverse fruit and can be mixed with yoghurt, cereal, smoothies… Or just a satisfying snack throughout the day. Go get that potassium down you!

blueberries and rasberries on a plate outside morning sickness remedies

7. Antioxidants: Mixed Berries

So, I’ve gone on and on about antioxidants in this article. And quite rightly so! They’re known as morning sickness remedies in their own right, due to their assistance in reducing inflammation and nausea. Berries are all high in antioxidants, so it’s time to get chowing! These delightful superfoods are also high in fibre, and raspberries are thought to be top dog with a whopping 10 grams per cup!

Cranberries are especially important during pregnancy, as they produce a special type of antioxidant known as Proanthocyanidin. This is known to help reduce and prevent U

TI’s (Urinary Tract Infections). No more painful pees in the middle of the night!

styled photo of an avocado cut in half morning sickness remedies

8. Healthy Fat: Avocados

Not to sound biased or anything, but avocados have to be my FAVOURITE superfood. They are diverse, little green bundles of joy, and I just can’t get enough of them. They are known as a healthy fat, which fills me with delight! I can eat them and not feel guilty at all (in moderation, right?!).

Why are they seen as morning sickness remedies though? I hear you ask… Because they’re filled with Potassium, Fibre and Vitamin C & E! They are great for Cholesterol and lowering oxidative stress in our bodies… (along with our new friend Lutein!). They are just great. So lets avo-go! 😉

cup of ginger and lemon tea flat lay morning sickness remedies

9. Rhizome Root: Ginger

Without a doubt, Ginger has to be the most popular morning sickness remedies out there! Let alone its diversity of use (raw/tea/cooked), it is known to provide instant relief from your pregnancy nausea with its abundance of vitamins. This special root has been used from the earliest of time to fight sickness.

Try out different ways to have it, and find the way that works for you. I would argue it is probably the most important on this list to ensure is in your morning sickness diet.

lemon and kale flat lay morning sickness remedies

10. Vitamin C: Lemons

You will see “lemons” as a recurring theme on all morning sickness remedies conversations. These little guys are invaluable in reducing your nausea symptoms. Even just the smell of them has been known to refresh your senses and calm many pregnant women’s tummies.

Alternatively, you can eat them, lick them or add them to some water or tea, to get your freshness kick quick!

pregnant woman holding her stomach morning sickness remedies

Extra Tips For Morning Sickness Remedies:

  • Try to eat every 2/3 hours
  • Drink fluids sporadically across the day
  • Rest often when you need it

And avoid these:

  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Unhealthy fatty foods
  • Spicy foods (unless curry is working for you!)

I really hope this list helps you curb your morning sickness, and if you find any other superfoods that have helped you through, please let me know below! I’d love to learn some more.

Best of luck with your little bump ladies!


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