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Photographer of Women

In a silent world where women have come second for generations, we have been  feeling guilty when we do something for ourselves, the time has come to choose ‘you.

You can be strong and caring, smart and beautiful, responsible and carefree, as well as a great mother, partner and friend. And it is ok to be all of this, because you are perfect, just as you are right now. You deserve to celebrate it.

What about me? I am a tomboy with a feminine soul. I love my jeans and trainers, and I also rock it in high heels. I am sensitive and caring, and I am also ready to kick butts.

My passion is to give women timeless, beautiful and authentic portraits of themselves they will always be proud of.

Why having photos of your bump is important?

Many women say that being pregnant is such a magical time, but most of them lie. They do not tell you about  all the aches and pains and the insecurities that every single woman goes through while pregnant. To be honest, expecting a baby is like trying bungee jumping, and wondering whether the elastic will hold you. It is scary and exciting at the same time.

One thing is sure, every pregnancy is a unique experience that will never come back. It is especially true with your first baby, because you have never been mum before. Nobody can really explain the beauty and the power of unconditional love until you have your baby in your arms.

No matter how you feel about your body changing right now, give yourself and your family the gift of a timeless memory.  One day, your kids will look at those images and they will know it was them growing in that beautiful bump. Can you think of a more beautiful heirloom?

browse my pregnancy portfolio

pregnancy portfolio

pregnancy portfolio

Am I being selfish?

We often forget that one day our youth, our time now and our memory will live in pictures. Is it really selfish to show yourself some love?

Timeless photographs are much more than just a selfie. So why not making it a proper experience that is fun, timeless and beautiful?

‘When you let your inner beauty shine through, only magic can happen’.

browse my portrait portfolio

portraits portfolio

portraits portfolio

My little secret about beautiful photos

There are no magic formulas or special tricks to great photographs, but only one little secret: connection. And that’s my job.
You do not need to know or do anything but to enjoy the fun of choosing your outfits and accessories and enjoy the thrill of being a model for a day.

I will take care of all the details for you. Styling included. All you have to do is to tell me what you dream, and I will make it happen for you.

Expect a bit of nerves, yummy food, relaxing music and a lot of fun.

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I would love to hear from you, and I promise I will reply to all your questions!